A Sign of the Times

Spring has sprung and the old is quickly making way for the new. You may have noticed one of the biggest changes around Gaia House that happened in the last month: We have a new sign!

Designed and illustrated by Gaia House regulars and funded in part by a grant from Carbondale Main Street, the new sign is an eye-catching blend of imagery and information. But what does it mean, and why did we choose the design that we did?

For the last several years our organization has been transitioning to a multi-cultural, multi-faith student center with a focus on peace, justice, and sustainability. As part of this transition, the Board of University Christian Ministries decided in 2010 to officially adopt the DBA (doing business as) title of Gaia House Interfaith Center. The new name has appeared on our building and website for some time, but the sign still had the old name (not to mention enough years of wear and weather to call for a massive upgrade), and aside from the new name, we had to decide just what should go on this new sign. In the past our sign listed a few of the groups that rent a space in our building. However, we have added so many groups and programs in the last year that it no longer seemed practical to list them all.

In early 2010 our Building & Grounds committee decided to go with something simpler, prettier, and more graphical than the old list format, and we set to work trying to decide on the design. Yes, it really took that long. We asked Board members, as well as the students and community members who frequent the House, to come up with ideas and phrases that sum up Gaia House to them. There were many excellent and touching responses, and in the end they seemed to come down to the same notion: Gaia House is a place for everyone; a welcoming home-away-from-home at the corner of campus and the crossroads of the world. This was the idea we took to the drawing table, and hopefully the new design represents it well! It features our building, sitting atop the planet we all share, with many paths from all over the earth converging on its open doors. It also features an updated version of our logo and our current website address. We've gotten many compliments on it so far, and we hope you like it too. What do you think?