Community Learning Center

The Gaia House Community Learning Center (CLC) offers people in the Carbondale, Illinois area the opportunity to propose, teach, and take courses related to their interests and learning objectives. It is a cooperative effort by students and teachers to design and implement their own courses of study to the mutual benefit of everyone involved.

What courses would you like to teach? What courses would you like to take? Gaia House is currently developing a list of courses that students would like to take or teach. You can use the following forms to submit a course idea, request to take a course that someone has submitted, or request to teach a course that someone has submitted.

The forms include a space for you to include your email address. If a class that you would like to take or teach receives enough interest, we will contact you by email. In the meantime, feel free to propose new classes and tell your friends about the CLC.

For a full description of how the CLC works, please read the full CLC proposal.