Supporting Gaia House

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Supporting Gaia House Interfaith Center

Gaia House Interfaith Center has been generously supported by concerned individuals, members, donors, and volunteers. We are grateful for your support. Please consider the following ways to help Gaia House Interfaith Center:

General Fund
General Fund Donation: Make an unrestricted contribution to support the Gaia House Interfaith Center mission by either writing a check (payable to Gaia House Interfaith Center or to University Christian Ministries) or using our convenient "General Fund" donation button.

Special Gifts: For bequests, memorial gifts, and designated funds, please contact our Board President, Ross Bauer.

Free Ways To Show Support. There are many free ways to show your support such as volunteering, Amazon Smile, and Goodsearch. For more information, check out our Free Ways To Show Support page. You can raise money for Gaia House just by doing things that you already do!