Mair Alight Comes To Carbondale

Tod and Mair: Tod Kington and Mair Alight.Four years ago I found a video on YouTube, it was an interview with Marshal Rosenberg discussing his technology of Nonviolent Communication. I was inspired and hopeful. Could there be a way in which I might have a clearer understanding of the words and intentions of the people in my life? It was only after my initial experience with NVC that I began to realize how much my life was plagued with misunderstanding, frustrations and enemy images in my relationships. What I became aware of initially in my pursuit of Nonviolent Communication is the degree to which we are all suffering from a deeply frustrated relationship with language. I slowly became aware that just because we are all native users of language it takes a special kind of intention to bring words into the service of life. That just left to chance, language can be deeply destructive and alienating. After My initial experiments with NVC I committed myself to finding a teacher and a mentor.

A Sign of the Times

Spring has sprung and the old is quickly making way for the new. You may have noticed one of the biggest changes around Gaia House that happened in the last month: We have a new sign!

Thoughts on Raise the Roof and the past four years

Thank you, visitor, for taking the time to read my writing! This is planned to be the first 'official' entry within the collective online writings, and I think I can speak for all the staff at Gaia House-Interfaith Center when I say that we're excited for this new feature and we hope it keeps you coming back to to check out new writings and other going-ons.

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