The Meaning of Slow Food To Me

As we come up on the 3rd anniversary of starting the Rice & Spice dinner series, I look back and remember why it all started.

First Ever Recorded Inland Hurricane. On May 8th, 2009, Carbondale, IL gets hit by a 20-minute, 40-mile wide inland hurricane which had an average wind speed of 85 mph with gusts at ground level of 106 mph and 124 at treetop level. A tree fell on our car while we were in it. This event is now being called a derecho (Spanish for straight) due to the fact that nobody had hurricane insurance, so the Governor came and emphasized that it was a derecho, NOT a hurricane.

Gaia House Stakeholder Retreat Results

The Board and Staff here at Gaia House Interfaith Center wish to express our gratitude to everyone who came out for our stakeholder's retreat. Brainstorming with our community produced several great ideas, some of which we are already implimenting. Here is what's coming down the pipes...

Save Gaia House

Gaia House Interfaith Center is a community center that means many things to many people. For over half a century, this unique building has been a place to meet new people, share meals with friends and neighbors, get involved in environmental and social justice projects, and explore a wide variety of spiritual practices and philosophical teachings. There are many people and groups that call this place home, and many ways in which this Center serves the Southern Illinois community. However, Gaia House is on the verge of closing due to a lack of sufficient funding. Without your support, our doors will close sometime within the next month or two, and this community treasure will be lost forever.

Gaia House Interfaith Center

Gaia House Interfaith Center is a community center located at the heart of Carbondale, Illinois. Ever since my freshman year of undergraduate studies at SIUC, I've been involved in this unique center in a variety of ways. This place is one of the main reasons why I ended up staying in Southern Illinois after receiving my Bachelor's degree. Therefore, I'm pleased to announce that this Fall, I'm serving as the interim Program Director of Gaia House Interfaith Center.

Islamic Study Group

As a Christian I often wonder how to live well with neighbors of different faiths. Tolerance is a start--and a good start. But is it enough? Does tolerance alone enable me to understand my neighbor? And how do I begin to understand neighbors who embrace a faith that I know so little about?. My question applies specifically to my Muslim neighbors. They are people I know, some even by first name. But how much do I understand about their religious tradition? While I have learned to identify and distrust untruths and misconceptions that are infect the media and talk on the street, I cannot replace those misconceptions with anything that approaches knowledge.

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