Celebrating 70 Years of Social Justice, Environment, and Spirit
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All are welcome. All are invited.

With a mission to SIUC students and an outreach to the wider area,
we are a welcoming community committed to spiritual awareness
that integrates peace, justice, and ecological sustainability.
News and Reflections from the Directors
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Gaia House

Gaia House is raising funds for some much-needed upgrades in fall semester. Our goal is $8,000. We invite you to donate today.

What is Gaia House? Gaia House is a student and community center on the SIU Carbondale campus. People of many faiths, beliefs, backgrounds, orientations, and identities meet at Gaia House. Our mission emphasizes peace, social justice, the environment, spirituality, and interfaith dialog. Whoever you are, whatever you believe, you are welcome here.

People and groups that come to Gaia House
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As we come up on the 3rd anniversary of starting the Rice & Spice dinner series, I look back and remember why it all started.

First Ever Recorded Inland Hurricane. On May 8th, 2009, Carbondale, IL gets hit by a 20-minute, 40-mile wide inland hurricane which had an average wind speed of 85 mph with gusts at ground level of 106 mph and 124 at treetop level. A tree fell on our car while we were in it. This event is now being called a derecho (Spanish for straight) due to the fact that nobody had hurricane insurance, so the Governor came and emphasized that it was a derecho, NOT a hurricane.

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Spring has sprung and the old is quickly making way for the new. You may have noticed one of the biggest changes around Gaia House that happened in the last month: We have a new sign!